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August 17, 2011
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Equestria and beyond: rev 8.1 by hlissner Equestria and beyond: rev 8.1 by hlissner

Download for full size! The preview is tiny

People seem to be having trouble downloading the full version, so here's the link to it:…

Update: January 15, '14
After a 2+ year hiatus, I'm back—and [finally] working on the next revision of this map (and some requests). There've been a lot of suggestions and fixes messaged to me every which way. Rest assured, any contradictions with canon I'll fix. However, I'll be departing a little from the canon map, largely out of disappointment. I'm also not fond of the underlying "Equestria-as-America" implication. Sadly, I have to remind myself the show isn't targeted at my age group. So, expect me to impress a bit more of my vision into the new map, which has a stronger steampunk flavor. 

All that said, I started a tumblr for the story world behind the map, which I've neglected. Fortunately, the talented :iconstupidyou3: offered to help me run the comic I had intended to start there, so I'm going to kick some life into this thing again. It will prelude the story, and give me some time to get my bearings.

So, sorry for the wait and wish me luck!

Want to us my map for a fic/video/etc?
You don't need to ask my permission. If you'd like to use the map for anything non-commercial, you may. Let me know though, I love seeing what people do with it.

See how it's evolved:
* Revision #5
* First revision

Thanks to TotalOverflow for the hoof-strap-revolver sketches.
Thanks to :iconpupuchaku: for drawing Fable's Hideaway
Thanks to :iconstinkehund: for the wonderbolts poster
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This is so beautiful... A map has always been very intriguing to me and this one's incredible! Amazing work. <3
And then I read the description.. 'Equestria-as-America'. FML
CrazyMikePrime Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a beautiful map. I think I'll use this in my Blackest Night Fic (after all the whole world is in peril). I wonder where the Caribou hang out?
Khran1505 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've just read ahead and found you're still in the middle of updating it. Please ignore my previous question. XD;

Anyway, I just want to say this is an absolutely amazing piece of work and I can't honestly blame you it's taking this long to go through so many updates. The attention to detail here is incredible. I'm currently in the planning stage of a comic project and I've wanted to use your map as a setting, since it actually benefits the plot I've got in mind. The only thing it's lacking, once again, is the Crystal Empire location, though with that I can at least improvise. 

Just thought you'd like to know your work is finding use once again!
Khran1505 Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe I'm just absolutely blind, but I can't seem to locate the Crystal Empire anywhere.
Flickscurse Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Just popping back in for an update, I'm using your map once again! This time for a collab/fic/thingy. You can find it here, and once again the MASSIVE number of locations you've added in have been a huge source of inspiration. I've credited you in the credits, but I think I'll refrain from commenting here after each chapter goes up. Kinda don't want to drown you in comments! Anyway, if anyone's curious, the first log's right here.…

Enjoy the Chaos, and thanks again for making such an awesome map.
Where is the Crystal Kingdom on this? I can't find it.
You might want to check the upload date on this, its over 2 years old and the author is still trying to update it.
EmmetEarwax Mar 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Is this the official map of Equestria ?
Is any map the official map ?
RePoisn Mar 16, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Official map is here:…

But I do quite love hlissner's map so much more. ^^
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